We are proud to announce the Your Charisma Powerservices are back up and running!

As you might have already noticed, Instagram has been continuously updating their algorithm for the past 5 weeks, making sure 95% of IG service providers like ourselves went out of business. 

To keep up with the drastic changes Mr. Zuckerberg and his team are making, we’ve had to create some powerful alliances with some of the best Developers in the world and restructure the whole code of our services. 

We now have a 24H Development team taking shifts, making sure our services keep up and running as we simply don’t believe that Instagram will stop putting out these updates any time soon. 

– Our Powerlike got network upgraded to a 200Million + Follower network, giving us the flexibility to have a 100% rotation cycle with each like delivered, improving the power of the like received. 
– No more seperate powergroups but instead a huge network containing accounts of all sizes from 0 to millions. Due to the new updates, continuously receiving likes of the same accounts does not help on virality anymore, no matter the size of the accounts. All the accounts liking your posts are real, and will enter your account through a mobile 4G proxy, leaving an actual view, impression and like on your upload (Entrepreneur, CEO or Powerplan) (Not traceable by IG).
– Randomized Drip feeds – We will be drip feeding the likes onto your posts and randomize the amount of likes fed at every interval. This to stay under IG’s Al radar. 
– Higher daily Like average – Our Entrepreneur Powerlike package now contains 500 likes for three posts daily and the CEO package now contains 750 likes for 3 posts daily, this means we’ve doubled the amount of likes to be received per day, per package. 
– No more niche related comments. Unfortunately the niche related comments were structured in a way that was too easy to track for Instagram, as they were niche related, the comment groups were too small to outgrow IG’s Al system causing too many actions blocks for the service to continue without interruptions. Instead of niche related comments, we still deliver general comments in our Powerplan and comment packages. 
– Comments have night time and will NOT deliver between 2 to 6 am EST and 7 to 9 pm est EST. 
– New Announcement Tab on your members area: You are now able to check the status of your services in your members area dashboard: https://member.yrcharisma.com if services are experiencing any downtimes you will be able to track it there. 

As for the IG Growth world; Most panels and other companies like us are failing as they cannot handle the update rush by Instagram. Most developer teams simply don’t know what to do. It’s going to take a long time for most of  them to recover from this. 

You can rest assured that we are fighting every update made by Instagram which might result in some unstable days, but with a 24/7 Development team taking shifts, most instabilities will be resolved within a matter of hours. 

We know how frustrating this can be for you, but we are always working to ensure our services are one step ahead of everyone else. 

As of now, we are back online and we want to thank you for all the patience you’ve had with us and our team! 

Kind regards, 

The Charisma team.