Hey Charisma Fam Memberrr,

As you might have noticed ever since June 1st automation activities dropped significantly throughout the Instagram platform. 

To give you a look behind the screens of what happened since the first of June: 

– Instagram closed their API for third party softwares using Action Automation
– 85% of the platform got Action blocked due to the Action limit block wave of June 4th
– 95% of All Powerservice providers are not able to deliver Likes or Comments anymore 
– Datacenter Proxies from all over the world are targeted and being shutdown

For the past 30 days we have been rigorously updating our systems, proxies and servers. Round the clock work trying to keep up with the IG updates and new security gimmicks and during this process we’ve learned A LOT about the future of the platform and how we can play a big part in it. 

For you as a loyal customer we have sad, but also great news. 

In our attempts to improve our systems to match the newest API’s Instagram has released (and will keep releasing) we are glad to announce we will be one of the few companies that’s able to continue delivering our powerservices, likes, comments, views & impressions. 

Cheers to long nights, stressful days and a lot of complaints! We understand and are sorry you’ve had to wait this long!

Secondly, the sad but unfiltered truth: The end of mainstream automation. 

If you’ve been a Charisma Growth client you must have noticed the action blocks, scarcity in actions done and a huge drop in followers gained the past month in comparison with the amazing gains we’ve managed to deliver over the past few years. 

It breaks our hearts to share this news, but what you’ve been noticing is Facebook clamping down on all third party action based services out there, making their job to keep delivering close to impossible. We believe last June has been the start of a campaign rush with the endgoal to clear the whole Instagram platform of action automation services before the end of the summer. 

Now what does this mean for you as a customer?

Time for some good news again don’t you think? 

As our goal is and will always be to serve you as a customer we have found two alternatives as to how we can keep growing your accounts, no matter what Instagram’s next actions will be. 

Behind the scenes we have been rolling out our newest Instagram Growth campaign that we like to call – The New way of Instagram Growth Management

In this campaign we are giving our Growth customers two options: 

1. Add your Instagram account to our new Growth system in which we have more options to make use of the ‘loopholes’ Instagram has not yet closed for us. In this system we are still able to automate accounts, but unfortunately still with a lot of issues and downtimes. 

– Same monthly price 
– Good targeting
– Clean feed (No strange people in it)

– Very low actions per month (Instagram simply blocks us if we do more)
– Low growth numbers, we are simply not able to do more actions when automating
– Risk of Action blocks 
– Risk of multiple verification triggers throughout the month

Or, for the ones who really want to 10x their growth AND engagement over the coming few weeks.

2. (Recommended) Charisma’s Manual Growth Management – No automation, no gimmicks.  – We disconnect you from any automation services and will assign an account manager to your account who will manually engage with your perfect target audience and take care of your Instagram account through his or her mobile phone! 

– Laser sharp targeting! 
– Huge amount of actions (Through manual mobile actions we can do up to 10x more actions DAILY)
– Huge Followers gains. Due to our freedom in actions and laser sharp targeting we’re able to get amazing results for our customers
– Fully compliant with Instagram’s terms and services. Play by Instagram’s rules for a full 100% and get rewarded for it in exponential reach. 
– Guaranteed Growth starting from Instapreneur. After having your consultation with your manager we tell you how much we are able to grow your account (As you know, every niche is different). If we don’t match the target we will either refund the missed amount of Followers in Euros, or give you extra days until we do!
– Our account managers will run a maximum of three clients each, giving them enough time to focus on what’s needed for your account.

– Higher monthly costs – Our account managers are skilled Instagram marketeers, and they need to be paid. Way more than a software, which is why these are higher priced packages. 

We have three kinds of Manual Growth packages:

Shy Engagement (175 EUR/Month)
– Actively Liking Photos (Approximately 150 per Day)
– Laser sharp targeting!
– Increased engagement
– No Growth Guarantee
– Email Support

Instapreneur (295 EUR/Month)
– Full Management (Like, Comment, Follows, Unfollows)
– Up to 1000 New Followers/Month
– Laser sharp targeting!
– Increased engagement
– Growth Guarantee
– Assigned Account Manager
– Monthly Reporting

Enterprise (595 EUR/Month)
– Full Management (Like, Comment, Follows, Unfollows)
– Up to 1500 New Followers/Month
– Laser sharp targeting!
– Increased engagement
– Growth Guarantee
– Assigned Account Manager
– Hashtag Research
– Monthly Reporting

Now let’s get your account organic growth results like no other! 

Actual pro’s managing your account, through their mobile phone, day in day out. 

See you on the inside! 

Much love. 

The Charisma Team

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Geraldo Alken
Founder & CEO
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