The Perfect Social Affiliate Course

Day 1 – Getting Started

Geraldo here and welcome to the Perfect Social Affiliate Course!

I am extremely excited to inform you that you’ve been accepted into our course and can now start 10xing those affiliate commissions and start walking the road 1000s of successful Online Marketeers before you have split tested and perfected into a science!

Now as you probably know by now I haven’t always been successful.

When first starting out with my Online marketing adventure, I was looking for a way to make some extra bucks. Rather sooner than later!

At that time I was still working my extremely low paid 9 – 5 and was obsessed by the term Passive income.

I wanted to make money work for me instead of the other way around!

Obviously I started where we all did. On Google, searching for the term: ‘How to make money Online’.

After endlessly burning through content on Google and Youtube I found that a lot of online marketers are using Affiliate marketing as their main source as income, as it doesn’t require you to create a product yourself, is easily accessible and best of all, passive (If you do it right that is, but I’ll get into that later)!

Unfortunately after creating my first Clickbank account I failed, MISERABLY.

I barely got anyone to see the affiliate products I was promoting, and the people who did, NEVER bought.

At that time I was working about 45 – 50 hours a week and when I came home at 7PM at night I worked until midnight to ‘Run my own online affiliate business’ which:

  1. Wasn’t a business
  2. Didn’t get me any money
  3. Robbed my of all the personal time I had left


I didn’t even tell anyone about it at that time too as I was afraid of the ‘rejection’. People telling me to stop dreaming, it can’t be done, nay sayers and for me (in my mind), basically everyone at that time.

I didn’t even tell my friends. I think only my girlfriend knew at that time (Yes, I was that afraid of rejection from my peers).

It was kinda lonely at first, but I was determined. I couldn’t and wouldn’t give up as I saw all these other Online marketeers succeed so I was like, if they can do it. I can too!

Then, it hit me …

I Messed up The Most Important Part of My Affiliate Strategy

..which was … THE STRATEGY.

I was treating this affiliate marketing thingy like an art, while actually, IT’S A SCIENCE!

Meaning there are proven ways to actually get results with this thing.

It was time to throw everything I thought I knew up until then out of the window and started heavily investing in courses of people who’ve already walked the road I did.

I think I burned through at least 4 or 5 courses at that time when I finally started to see a pattern .. and I realised all Top affiliate Marketers use this same pattern!

So I fiddled around a bit, and found out how I could turn this proven route into a structure (So I don’t miss any of the points) and use them for my own Affiliate products ..

Doing this actually made all the difference and finally got me the results I dreamed about!

It’s felt AMAZING!


How Cliche that might sounds, it’s true..

Then reality kicked in and I was wondering if this was just a lucky shot ..

So I started testing ‘The Winning Pattern’ on a multitude of affiliate projects and even created a project myself and guess what..

My Business Exploded!

Ever since that first Sale my company Your Charisma has now crossed the 7 figure mark in a 2 year time-span, has over 500 representatives, is providing Digital services in over 35 countries worldwide, is consistently making a 50K+ Monthly revenue and our Top Affiliate who had NO PRIOR experience with computers WHATSOEVER has earned well over $100.000 in affiliate commissions just by reselling our services!

Here’s why this works so well:

By implementing this strategy, you force yourself to create a perfect ‘buyer’ persona, create a tailored ‘buyer’ route to maximize sales conversions and customer value AND attract exclusively the people who are most passionate about your market.

That’s right 😉 – The ones who are MOST LIKELY TO BUY.

Best of all .. This works across all markets and industries!

And today, you’re getting access to ALL OF IT.

Make sure you finish the training to make sure you don’t leave anything on the table.

This particular training is focused on re- selling Affiliate products or services. Having said that, 95% of the things learned in this training can be applied on selling your own products or services too.

I hope you enjoy and that this affiliate training brings you the value you’re searching for!

Now go complete your Assignments for today