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ONLY Proceed if you’re serious about 10XING your Social Affiliate Business over the Coming Few Months ..

The Secret Shortcut 99% of all Successful Affiliate Marketers use to scale their Affiliate Businesses into Millions (In a matter of months).

Choosing your WINNER product

How to ‘Funnel’ your Product to 10x your Revenue

How to Drive Targeted, Split Tested Traffic to your Funnels

Converting your Traffic into Real Time Dollars (The Salesman Secrets)

Proven E-mail Templates, Winner Softwares and Salesfunnels that made MILLIONS in sales

Instagram Audience Insights & Analytics

How to EXPLODE your Instagram Accounts with Targeted Fans WITHOUT Investing your Valuable Time

How to use Powerful Influencers to your Advantage

How to go Viral Within your Niche

The EXACT Roadmap we use to make over 1 Million Dollars in online sales, yearly.

Risk Free, No strings attached, Cancel Anytime!

What does the Entrepreneur Package Mean for you?


Different for Everyone

What does ‘Rookie’ package mean for you…?

This is something that differs from person to person ..

Some of you guys are in a job that you simply hate, and you’re desperately trying to get out..

Others are starting Entrepreneurs that are trying to find their way into Affiliate Marketing, but are getting stuck and are not quite sure why ..

And others are just looking to 10x their already smoothly running affiliate business to have more impact on the world (And finally get that Jet they’ve been saving for)!


I get the Struggle Though!

Let’s be honest, you have read tons of guides and made several attempts on growing your affiliate business by yourself.

You’re a worker and have this ‘I don’t need help, because I love to figure out things myself’ mentality.


And, if you’ve got a tiny budget with a big vision, reaching out to Expensive Mentors for 1 on 1 coaching can seem far too out of reach & overwhelming. On top of that you have a busy life, Not too much time left and can’t afford to be scrolling through Google all day, hoping to find the solution to your problems.


Please, BELIEVE me when I tell you that I’VE BEEN THERE!

When first starting out with my Online marketing adventure, I was looking for a way to make some extra bucks. Rather sooner than later!

At that time I was still working my extremely low paid 9 – 5 and was obsessed by the term Passive income.

I wanted to make money work for me instead of the other way around!


Obviously I started where we all did. On Google, searching for the term: ‘How to make money Online’.

After endlessly burning through content on Google and Youtube I found that a lot of online marketers are using Affiliate marketing as their main source as income, as it doesn’t require you to create a product yourself, is easily accessible and best of all passive (If you do it right that is, but I’ll get into that later)!

Unfortunately after creating my first Clickbank account I failed, MISERABLY.

I barely got anyone to see the affiliate products I was promoting, and the people who did, NEVER bought.


At that time I was working about 45 – 50 hours a week and when I came home at 7PM at night I worked until midnight to ‘Run my own online affiliate business’ which:

1. Wasn’t a business
2. Didn’t get me any money
3. Robbed my of all the personal time I had left

I didn’t even tell anyone about it at that time too as I was afraid of the ‘rejection’. People telling me to stop dreaming, it can’t be done, nay sayers and for me (in my mind), basically everyone at that time.

I didn’t even tell my friends. I think only my girlfriend knew at that time (Yes, I was that afraid of rejection from my peers).

It was kinda lonely at first, but I was determined. I couldn’t and wouldn’t give up as I saw all these other Online marketeers succeed so I was like, if they can do it. I can too!

Then, it hit me …

I Messed up The Most Important Part of My Affiliate Strategy

Which was .. THE STRATEGY!

I was treating this affiliate marketing thingy like an art, while actually, IT’S A SCIENCE!


Meaning there are proven ways to actually get results with this thing.


It was time to throw everything I thought I knew up until then out of the window and started heavily investing in courses of people who’ve already walked the road I did.

I think I burned through at least 4 or 5 courses at that time when I finally started to see a pattern .. and I realised all Top affiliate Marketers use this same pattern!


From my experience, I can tell you this..


If you didn’t invest a couple thousand dollars in tailored courses or have a mentor in this space,

You’re Probably Not Walking the Route to Affiliate Success!

Without the proper guidance in it, it’s close to impossible to set it up for yourself (Without wasting months of your life, like I did at first).

The Winning Pattern ..

So I fiddled around a bit, and found out how I could turn this proven route into a structure (So I don’t miss any of the points) and use them for my own Affiliate products ..


Doing this actually made all the difference and finally got me the results I dreamed about!

It’s felt AMAZING!


How Cliche that might sounds, it’s true..

Then reality kicked in and I was wondering if this was just a lucky shot ..


So I started testing ‘The Winning Pattern’ on a multitude of affiliate projects and even created a project myself and guess what..


My Business Exploded!


Here’s why this works so well:
By implementing this strategy, you force yourself to create a perfect ‘buyer’ persona, create a tailored ‘buyer’ route to maximise sales conversions and customer value AND attract exclusively the people who are most passionate about your market.

That’s right 😉 – The ones who are MOST LIKELY TO BUY.


Best of all .. This works across All markets and industries.


Once I discovered this strategy, I could do two things.

1. Keep it all for myself and exploit it like crazy (Which I did at first, I couldn’t resist!)
2. Share it with other Online Marketers aswell.

Although I went for option 1 at first (I mean who wouldn’t?!), I realised shared fun is double fun!

Best part, this works if you already have a product, or are still looking for one!


I’ve created something pretty AMAZING that will instantly solve your doubts, fears and (I don’t want to be rude so I apologise up front!) probably lack of knowledge about this subject.


But before we go into that .. I want to tell you something about me first. 🙂

Who is Geraldo Alken?

Followed by over 300.000 Entrepreneurs Worldwide

I’m Geraldo Alken, Founder & CEO of Your Charisma, Digital Marketing Consultancy, CEO of the Influencer Platform: Your Influence and Creator of the TPSA (The Perfect social Affiliate Course). 

For the past 3 years I’ve been helping entrepreneurs and personal brands build their Social Media brands, generate qualified leads, get a grip of Facebook and Instagram’s Algorithm, develop powerful marketing strategies and create strong and profitable businesses.

Ever since starting my Entrepreneurial Adventure I’ve managed to grow my main Company Your Charisma into the 7 figure mark within a 2 year time-span, Your Charisma currently has over 500 representatives, is providing Digital services in over 35 countries worldwide, is consistently making a 50K+ Monthly revenue and our Top Affiliate who had NO PRIOR experience with computers WHATSOEVER has earned well over €100.000 in affiliate commissions just by reselling our services!

Risk Free, No strings attached, Cancel Anytime!

Now I want you To Imagine What Life Would Be Like If you Too Could Have The Success I currently Have


Live life on my own terms


Retire my Mom


Travel the World


Support My Loved ones Financially


Take my Wife and Kids on a Vacation Multiple times a year


Buy my Dream Car


Retire at 27


And Basically, DO WHAT I WANT!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could tap into all of this without wasting time or money?

Risk Free, No strings attached, Cancel Anytime!

If You Feel Anything For That I Want To Introduce You To 

The Your Charisma Entrepreneur Package

Get Access To the Entrepreneur Package And Start making your Affiliate business Explode whether you have a product or not. 

Risk Free, No strings attached, Cancel Anytime!

What’s Included?

The Perfect Social Affiliate Course 

The Perfect Social Affiliate Course is created especially for those wanting to tap into the shortcut the Top tier companies are using to scale their Affiliate businesses into millions.

From setting up your social accounts to picking the right  autoresponders, creating an email list, gathering leads, funnel building, offer creation, creating passive streams, online sales psychology, bonding with prospects, direct selling, paid advertising, traffic hacks, closing the sale and automating this whole process, so you can enjoy life while your business sells for you on autopilot!

The Perfect Social Affiliate E- book

Everything what’s in the Perfect Social Affiliate Course, in writing. For those of you that prefer to consume information while reading, or want to have a manual to keep with you while following the process.


‘The Perfect Social Affiliate Course and e-book are created especially for those wanting to tap into the shortcut the Top tier companies are using to scale their Affiliate businesses into millions.’

The Perfect Social Affiliate Checklist

The checklist to use during your process. This makes sure you don’t miss any point and can be used for any of your products or businesses. 

‘The Perfect Social Affiliate Course and checklist are created especially for those wanting to tap into the shortcut the Top tier companies are using to scale their Affiliate businesses into millions.’

Instagram Analytics

Track your Instagram accounts. See how many Followers you earn or lose on a daily base compare metrics over specific time periods to get a historical perspective. Look at specific posts’ performance and compare them, or compare your own growth and engagement with other Instagram accounts to your choosing. 

Instagram Expert Secrets Course

Track your Instagram accounts. See how many Followers you earn or lose on a daily base compare metrics over specific time periods to get a historical perspective. Look at specific posts’ performance and compare them, or compare your own growth and engagement with other Instagram accounts to your choosing. 

Kickstart your Week Challenge

When it comes to personal development nothing is more essential than feeding your mind. Keep your energies and grind high by kickstarting your week!

Will you be able to complete our Kickstart your Week Challenge? 

And, Because I know You’ll Need this Along The Way, I’ll Include These Top Tier Bonuses if you Opt in Today!

Top Tier Bonus #1

The 101 Traffic Hacks Course 

The 101 Traffic Hacks Course, A MUST HAVE. When it comes to making sales nothing is more essential than feeding your website with healthy converting traffic. In this course we go over the best Traffic hacks known to date to make your online business explode!

Top Tier Bonus #2

The 101 Traffic Hacks Blackbook 

The 101 Traffic Hacks Blackbook, the course, but then in reading! When it comes to making sales nothing is more essential than feeding your website with healthy converting traffic. In this Book we go over the best Traffic hacks known to date to make your online business explode!

Top Tier Bonus #3

The Influencer University Course 

Did you know you can become an influencer with just a few thousand followers? You might look at some of the more popular influencers and think it’s tough to reach that status, but actually, it’s not. In fact, it’s a lot easier than you think. We teach you how. 

Top Tier Bonus #4

101 Marketing Secrets 

Marketing Secrets. REVEALED. You’ll get access to our Secret Library of Marketing Secrets containing the shortcuts the Multi Billion Dollar Companies use to create an unfair advantage over the masses. 

Top Tier Bonus #5

Software Secrets 

In this area you will find all the affiliate related tools that will help you make your Business Explode! At least, they made ours and I BET they will speed up your process BIGTIME!

The average Guru would Charge you somewhere near €5000 for this amount of value, but I don’t want to start our relationship like that .. 

Which Is Why I’m Going To Throw In A HUGE 99% Discount For All Of It

Risk Free, No strings attached, Cancel Anytime!

Is there a Guarantee?

Of course… 🙂 

I guarantee that if you participate in the training, read the content that’s provided, implement what you learn, that by the time the training is done, you will have a complete understanding of the core fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing, Direct response marketing Social Media Marketing and Master the basics of funnel building.

If for some reason you don’t feel like that is true, then you can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase, and receive a full refund.

Pretty simple.

But if you’re like most people, this experience will change your business (and for some of you, it’ll change your life!)


Now here is

What to do next?

From here it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and create your account, then we can finally get started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watching the video and I look forward to hearing your success story when you finish the training!

Geraldo Alken


P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter, here’s the deal:

When you join the Entrepreneur Package today (for just €7) I’m going to provide you with the Full Perfect Social Affiliate Course, Perfect Social Affiliate E-Book,  The Perfect Social Affiliate Checklist, PLUS give you access to the Secret Traffics Hacks Course, Secret Traffic Hacks Blackbook, Instagram Analytics, Kickstart your Weeks Challenge, Software Secrets Access and Access to our 101 Marketing Library!

Oh, and if for some crazy reason you don’t love the training – just tell me within 30 days and I’ll grant you a full refund.

Sound fair? Then what are you waiting for!?! Join The Entrepreneur Package today!

Risk Free, No strings attached, Cancel Anytime!

Here’s A Recap Of


When You Purchase The Rookie  Package!

You Receive

The Perfect Social Affiliate Course (Value €1997)
The Perfect Social Affiliate Ebook (Value €497)
Avanced Instagram Analytics (Value €67)
Instagram Expert Secrets Course (Value €297)
Kickstart you Week Challenge (Value €197)


The 101 Traffic Hacks Course (Value €797)
The 101 Traffic Hacks Blackbook (Value €97)
The Influencer University Course (Value €237)
101 Marketing  Secrets Library (Value €197)
Software Secrets (Value €97)

Total Value:  €4480

But today you’re getting all of this 

For Only €7/M

Or 1 Payment of €23

Risk Free, No strings attached, Cancel Anytime!

Let Our Customers Do The Talking

You can say im very satisfied with the services. You also get an education on turning your social media into a fulltime business by monetizing your accounts step by step. Its a no brainer, give Charisma a try and within no time, you will not only see your page explode, but your bank account with it. 

Cesar Bahnerth

Web developer & Design, Yrwebsite

Your Charisma's services are beyond my expectation! If you plan on growing your social media in ANY facet, they're the best to proceed. - Top notch results within a faster timeframe than I could have ever anticipated and the quality is stellar! I'm never going back! 

Shelby Jones

Fitness Coach, Jonesn4 Crossfit

Hello guys, thank you for your service, the results are amazing! (Both Engagement & Growth). Can't wait to see more! Also I would like to thank you for your cooperation, because the customer service is one of the most important things for me and my business! Hope we will continue our cooperation in this way! 

Dimitra Nika

Founder & CEO, Mya Collection

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