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Step 1: Check your affiliate dashboard

When engaging in Online Marketing the first step to take is to get yourself a product to sell.

We take care of that for you.

Your Charisma comes with a high variety of Inbound Marketing services available for re-sell to our affiliates.

You will earn 15 – 25% commissions on a monthly recurring base when selling a retainer service. 

Check out our your personalized affiliate dashboard for details about the services we have available for sale and the commissions you’re set to earn.

Step 2: How to start selling stuff?

The next step of your journey is all about the HOW. I mean, it’s a good thing that you’ve got some services to sell. But you probably have no idea how to go about it.

If you do, kudos to you!

If you’re not quite sure, I absolutely recommend getting direct access to our Charisma Mastermind Bundle which includes our Perfect Social Affiliate Course.

In this course we will break down the Secret Shortcut 99% of all Successful Affiliate Marketers use to scale their Affiliate Businesses into Millions, how we passed 7-figures in sales and how you can do too. 

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Charisma presents; The FeelGood & Elevate Hoodie Merchandise

Love, Determination, Mindset & Positivity. 

Your Charisma is created for the sole purpose of educating people through the internet to build their own Online Brand.

Our main objective is to create an online community big enough to establish our own brand in Digital Marketing.

Furthermore delivering this to the world through the internet and in addition learn people how to do the same with the basics they have to ultimately live the life of their dreams.

In our Clothing line we’d like to reflect our believe in hard work, determination and the ability to achieve your dreams no matter who you are or what situation you’re in. 

On top of that our brand and merchandise is created around Positivity, Good vibes and the willingness to share Love around the globe!

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